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Why Use In-Your-Home Pet Care Services? ​

Providing care for your companion animal in your home is significant as they  feel more comfortable and there is less chance of them trying to run off to find you if they feel you have "accidentally" left them behind. In addition, your pet's diet and exercise routines will continue uninterrupted, there will be less travel trauma for both of you and your pet's exposure to illness or situations with people or animals which they might encounter in a kennel facility or in  someone else's home is minimized. 


 In-Your-Home pet sitting allows the sessions to be customized to fit your pet's needs and your home will be monitored regularly as well. At your request, you will be sent a text message and photo at each visit so you can see how happy your pet is! We will also take in the mail, water plants and change lights and window shade or curtain positions at your request. 

The First Meet & Greet Session is FREE



Service Offerings

General Pet Care - Daytime visits for feeding, exercise, snuggles & potty time

Overnight Pet Care - This is a Premium Service for the pet requiring a Higher Level of Care due to Anxiety or Separation Issues or for Special Needs Pets  

                                                             OVERNIGHTS ARE CURRENTLY NOT AVAILABLE

Mid-Day Comfort Visits - Potty break or just some snuggles & play time during the day


Home Watch & House Sitting - Rotate blinds, curtains and window shades, water plants, turn on sprinklers, take in mail/paper and perform a basic perimeter check to ensure your house has that "lived in" look while you are away.  No Pets Required! 


All Services are individually tailored and why an initial Meet & Greet is Important!

                                        Factors to be considered before an individualized price quote is possible:

                                                                   Type & Number of Pets Requiring Care

                                                                    Level of Care Required

                                                                    Number of Visits Required

                                                                    Length of Time Services are Required

                                                                    Overnight Stay vs. Daily Visits

                                                                    Distance to your Home or Pet's Location

                                                                    Additional Services Required


In General:      Able to accept dogs 40 pounds or less in weight

                               Home Visits start at $30 per visit, depending on Level of Care Required

(Reduced rates for multiple daily visits are available.) 

                               Overnight Stays start at $125 per night depending on Level of Care Required

                               OVERNIGHTS ARE CURRENTLY NOT AVAILABLE

                                      (Overnight is 12 hours from 6-7PM to 6-7AM, additional fees for Mid-Day Comfort Visits may apply.) 

                                              Comfort visits start at $30 for 30 minute session, longer sessions available

                               Home Watch starts at $35 per visit, depending on time and duties required


Payment:          Payment for short term services due in full prior to start date.

                                Payment for long term services due in full on the 1st of each month.



Text Only to (562) 208-8909

Best Time to Contact for Speedy Reply 

Mon-Fri: 8:00AM - 6:00 PM MST
Sat: 9:00AM - 3:00 PM MST
Sun: 10:00AM - 2:00PM   MST


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